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It's easy! Go to our Plans and Pricing page, compare our low electricity rates and plan lengths, and then choose your plan.

In most cases, we can setup your electricity service for the same day. We’ll relay your request for power to your local TDU immediately, and they may or may not apply a priority fee for same-day service. Requests placed after 4 pm are often handled the next day, excluding Sundays.

We offer several fixed, low-rate term plans and flexible month-to-month plans throughout Texas. Check out our Plans and Pricing for specific electricity plans in your city.

Electricity rates can vary by zip code, but the difference is usually small. The TDU fees, which are determined by your local utility, are where you see the largest difference across cities. At Express Energy, we strive to give you the best possible pricing for your area. Visit our Plans and Pricing to get started.

While everyone’s situation is different, we typically recommend a 12 month plan to customers planning to stay in Texas. The 12 month fixed rate plan offers price stability for an entire year, and saves you the time you would have spent chasing energy prices. Plus, if you move we’ll move your service as well.

It’s simple. Go to the Plans and Pricing page, find a low-rate plan, and sign up. You don’t even have to contact your old electricity provider—we’ll handle everything for you.

You may have typed your address in a different format than we have saved online. To find your address, begin typing it and select it from the dropdown menu to continue.
Still can’t find it? It’s possible that your address is new construction and hasn’t been loaded into the statewide system yet OR we may not serve your area at this time. Feel free to call us at (844) 361-2080 (Mon-Fri 9 am- 6pm CST) if you need help enrolling or to confirm your service area.

Since some zip codes fall into two TDUs, we've created an easy process for split TDU enrollments. If you're in a split TDU zip code, you'll be prompted to select your TDU, and if you're uncertain of your TDU simply select "I don't know" to continue with your enrollment. We'll let you know if anything needs to be updated after enrollment.

We have a strict privacy policy and won't ask for any personal information we don’t need. We only ask for this information once—during enrollment—to check your utility payment data history to determine if a deposit is needed, and don’t store or view it.

We only check your utility payment history. Even if your utility payment history isn’t ideal, we may still be able to serve you by assessing a one-time refundable deposit. You’ll get your deposit back—with interest—after 12 months of timely consecutive payments or upon leaving us with good payment history. See your TOSA for more details.

We do a basic utility payment history check and we receive a pass or fail notification from the credit bureau. If you were assessed a deposit, there’s no need to worry. Your deposit is fully refundable—with interest—after 12 months of timely consecutive payments.
Keep in mind that your deposit does not count as a pre-payment and may not be used toward future monthly Express Energy electricity bills.

In most cases, yes! You will get your deposit back—with interest—as provided below.

Generally speaking, no. For certain customers, yes. Here’s a snippet from our Terms of Service Agreement (TOSA) specifically identifying customers entitled to a waiver of a deposit assessed at enrollment:
You may avoid paying a deposit if (1) you submit a payment history letter from your previous electric service provider confirming two years of service and your positive payment record for 12 consecutive months, (2) you have a satisfactory credit rating, (3) you are at least 65 years of age and do not have a delinquent balance with your current electric service provider, (4) you submit proof that you are medically indigent, or (5) you have been a victim of family violence and can provide a certification letter by the Texas Council on Family Violence. Please contact us if you believe you may be eligible for one of these options.
If you establish satisfactory credit with us by making timely payments for 12 consecutive months, then we will apply the deposit plus accrued interest to your account. If you do not establish satisfactory credit with us during the time you receive service from us, then we will apply the deposit plus accrued interest against the outstanding balance on your final bill. We will bill you for any remaining balance and the bill will be due upon receipt. We will refund any credit balance to you or transfer the credit balance to your new REP, at your request and with your new REP’s consent.

Not in most cases. However, qualifying low-income customers are eligible to pay deposits over two equal installments.

If you have been assessed a deposit and opt not to pay it, you are not eligible for service with Express Energy.

During enrollment, you can add separate service and billing addresses. This will not affect your bills, which will still be sent to your email address on file.

Yes! Log in to your account, click Manage My Service, and then click Add Another Home. You’ll enroll your new address the same way you enrolled the first one.

A secondary account holder is someone you authorize to act on your behalf for decisions regarding your account with us. You do not have to add one if you do not want to. A secondary account holder can perform all functions that the primary account holder can perform except for adding or deleting secondary account holders.

No. You cannot transfer your account to another person, even if they are already a secondary account holder.

We won’t charge you a fee to move-in. The Public Utility Commission (PUC) allows your TDU to charge a connection fee for move-ins. To consolidate what you owe at enrollment, we add the TDU’s fee to your first bill from us.

We won’t charge you a fee to move-in. By selecting same-day or next-day service, the Public Utility Commission (PUC) allows your TDU to charge a connection fee for priority move-ins. To consolidate what you owe at enrollment, we add the TDU’s fee to your first bill from us.

Your first bill will be delivered by email no later than 35 days after your service starts. Occasionally, first bills are delivered almost immediately after service begins, but it is always triggered when your TDU reads your meter.
If you think you missed it, check your spam folder or log in to your account to check your bill. You may also want to add to your Safe Senders list.

Your TDU reads the meter at your address each month and sends a report to us with your usage. We generate a bill immediately after receiving your usage report. Your due date is 16 days after your bill is issued. See next question.
Keep in mind that your due date may vary slightly from month to month. Even if your bill was due on the 15th last month, your bill could be due on a different day the following month.

We draft your Auto Pay payment the day before and the day of your due date. We will contact you via email if there is a problem with your payment before any late fees are assessed.

No. Your bill due date is determined by the date that your TDU reads your meter. We do not have control over when that happens.

People love options. Here are yours:

  • Auto Pay - Sit back, relax, and let Auto Pay draft automatically.
  • My Account - Log in to your account online and click Pay My Bill before your Auto Pay draft date. People like this option because it allows them to make manual payments around payday.
  • Mobile App - Download the Express Energy Mobile App. Use the same login credentials as your My Account. For Android smartphones and devices visit the Google Play Store. For Apple smartphones and devices visit the Apple App Store.
  • By Phone - Call us at (844) 361-2080 and follow the prompts to use our automated telephone payment system.
  • Cash Payment - For cash payments visit Cash Pay Locations and find a location near you.

We accept MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Amex —credit or debit cards. You can pay online or with our Mobile App.

For a detailed description of the Express Energy Refund Policy and Procedure please click here.

After receiving an email saying your bill is ready, simply login to your My Account online and click View My Bill. If you have the Express Energy Mobile App, click on the View Bill or Bill History icons.

Yes. Online just log in to your My Account, and then click Payments & Billing. From there, click View Billing & Payment History. In the Express Energy Mobile App click on Bill History.

Can I make more than one payment in a month?
Yes. You can make up to 5 manual payments a month by logging in to your account. If you make more than 5 manual payments in a single month you will be charged up to $4.95 for each additional payment.

If you use Auto Pay, pay online or by phone, it will be processed immediately upon receipt. Any other form of payment will result in additional processing time.

All customers are setup on our Auto Pay automatic billing system at enrollment, so you don’t have to worry about remembering your due date.

We do not email your actual bill to you. You’ll receive an email letting you know that your bill is ready to view online and how much is due.

No. You will receive an email every month stating how much is due and that your bill is ready to view online. It is your responsibility to either view the email or log in to our website to view your total amount due.
A late fee is only assessed if your card declines for any reason and we don’t receive your payment by the due date. To avoid late fees, it is your responsibility to update your payment information or make a manual payment before your bill is due.

We don’t email your actual bill to you. We’ll send a very basic email stating the amount due and that your bill is available to view online. Your full bill is accessible after logging in to your secure account.

If you insist on killing trees, we can certainly mail your bill to you. However, we may charge a one-time e-Docs Breakage Fee of up to $19.95 for not having e-Docs properly established on your account at the time of bill generation if your plan requires e-Docs. We strongly urge you to remain on e-Docs.

Your usage fluctuates each month, and you may not even realize that you used more power. Most high bills occur during the hot summer months or during unexpected winter cold blasts. It could also be a combination of things, such as running your appliances more often than usual, having company in from out of town, letting your kids control the thermostat, or leaving windows open for too long.
Fortunately, you can view your usage by month by logging into your account online. You’ll notice right away if your electricity usage spikes or drops, and then you can adjust your usage going forward.

Honestly, your best bet is to stay on a term plan that offers a fixed rate.
The other obvious answer is to use less electricity. Keep your thermostat at a higher—yet comfortable—temperature during the summer; like 78 rather than 72. Your large appliances also use a lot of power, so try to start the dishwasher or dryer only when they’re full. Don’t forget to check for cracks or seals that are letting outside air in; you’ll want to patch those immediately.
You can also refer friends and receive a $50 Visa® Reward Card for each one that enrolls. Log in to get started.

If your power is out due to a past due balance, we would have issued you a Disconnection Notice 10 days in advance of the disconnection date via both USPS and email (if we have a valid email address on file). You can always log into your Express Energy My Account to check your balance and make a payment.

To check if there is a power outage in your area, contact the TDU that services your area. You can find the phone number for your TDU on our Support Page.

Contact one of our customer service representatives at Express Energy, (844) 361-2080 M - F, 9 am - 6 pm Central Time.

The fastest way to get your power back on is to make a payment via your Express Energy My Account for the past due amount on your Disconnect Notice.

PLEASE NOTE: We must receive the TOTAL BALANCE DUE listed on your Disconnect Notice to begin the restoration process.

Yes, you can use multiple credit/debit cards to pay your balance. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept checks or electronic bank payments on disconnected meters.

Once we receive payment in full for the past due balance on your Disconnect Notice we will automatically send a request to your TDU to reconnect your service. The fastest way to start the reconnection process is to make a credit/debit card payment in your Express Energy My Account.

Typically, the service reconnection is completed by your TDU within 4 hours and oftentimes it can be faster than that.

PLEASE NOTE: Reconnect times vary based on the workload of your TDU and is out of our control. For additional details, you can contact them directly. You can find the phone number for your TDU on our Express Energy Support Page.

No, your TDU works reconnect orders in the order they are received. In other words, the faster you make a payment in full, the faster your power should be restored.

Yes, we always issue you a Disconnection Notice 10 days in advance of the disconnection for nonpayment date via both USPS and email (if we have a valid email on file).

You have 10 days from the date of the Disconnection Notice to pay your past due balance. If payment is not received by the due date on the Notice, then a disconnect order is sent to your TDU.

PLEASE NOTE: Physical checks can take as long as 7-10 days to be posted to your account which puts you at risk of being disconnected. We highly recommend customers take advantage of electronic payments using credit/debit cards, as well as enroll in our convenient AutoPay program to avoid late fees and possibly service disruption.

If you are unable to pay the past due balance please see our bill payment assistance page.

You will need to send proof of payment from your bank to

PLEASE NOTE, service will not be restored until the payment is confirmed.

You’ll see your current balance immediately after logging in to your My Account or opening the Express Energy Mobile App. To view your detailed bill, simply click on View Bill.

Getting billed for incorrect usage is extremely rare. Often times, spikes in usage are due to change in temperature, out of town guests, or using appliances more often than usual. However, if you feel your meter reading is inaccurate, you may contact us to have your TDU re-read it. See the next question.

Simply email us at so we can pass along your request to your local TDU. If they did misread the meter, the re-reading service will be free. However, if the TDU determines that the original reading was correct, the TDU may charge you a fee for the service consistent with their tariff.

These are charges assessed by your local TDU for the delivery of electricity to you over poles and wires and other TDU facilities. This charge is passed on to you without mark up and has already been included in the average price you pay per kilowatt hour. You can think of it like a shipping or delivery charge when you order something online. See your TOSA for more details.

We want to make electricity something you don't have to worry about. We will deduct your amount due each month from your chosen method of payment. You never have to worry about due dates or late fees.

There is no fee for Auto Pay.

In order to best facilitate a smooth payment and allow for cushion should anything happen between draft date and disconnect date, we draft your account 16 days after the invoice date on your bill, which is one day before the due date reflected on your invoice.

Easy! Simply log in to your account, supply the new credit card information and you are done.

If it is your first time accessing your account, log in using the temporary password we sent to you via email. After logging in, you’ll be asked to change your password.
If this is not your first time accessing your account, you can click on Account Settings and edit your password in the ID Information box.

You’ll click on My Account and then on Forgot Password under the login information fields. We’ll send you a temporary password via email.

You can easily change your billing address, phone number, secondary account holders, email, charitable cause, and more by logging in and clicking on Account Settings. To update payment information and debit or credit card on file, log in and click on Payment Details
To change your service address, please select Transfer My Service under the Manage My Service link.
You may not transfer your account to someone else.

We do not suggest leaving your account open and allowing another individual to take over payments. If you are no longer residing at the address, please close your account and have the new individual open their own. If the account remains in your name, any and all late payments, past due balances and collection notices will be your sole responsibility.

Technically, you can’t. However, your roommate can open their own new account. Once their account is open, it will automatically close yours. As long as a new account is open first, there will be no disruption in service.

E-Docs is the electronic delivery of all of your standard plan documents links, billing, notices and other communications from us.
You can also access them at any time by logging in to your account. To find your bill, click on View Most Recent Bill or View Previous Invoices. To find your plan documents, click on Manage My Service.

You’ll receive a $50 Visa® Reward Card for each qualified friend, family member, coworker, neighbor, or complete stranger you refer to us who uses your unique referral link and enrolls with us. Your referral will also receive a $50 Visa® Reward Card. Your link can be found here. See below for more details.

We’ll send you and your referral each a $50 Visa® Reward Card once your referral has paid their second invoice in full.

Nope! Earn a Visa® Reward Card for every referral. Share your unique referral link with as many people as you like. Refer enough friends and your electricity may be free. For more information, click here.

You’ll receive a thank-you email from us within 48 hours of your referral using your link to enroll.

No. Unfortunately, the only way we have of tracking Rewards is through your link.

Once we have received payment in full on your referral’s second invoice, you’ll most likely see the $50 Visa® Reward Card in the mail 4 to 6 weeks later.

Once you have paid your second invoice in full, we’ll send you a $50 Visa® Reward Card in the next few weeks. This typically happens around 4 to 6 weeks after you enroll, but it can take longer depending on your billing cycle.

Rewards may choose from a wide variety of plans and rates designed to fit their needs.

Unfortunately, you will not receive a Visa® Reward Card. Since Rewards are not redeemable for cash, we must be able to send Visa® Reward Cards to a customer with an active account.

Not at all. The electricity meter attached to your property only allows one provider to service your property at a time. You just need to call us to enroll. Once we submit your request for power through Express Energy, your service with your other provider will automatically switch over. You won’t even notice it.

It depends on what date you chose at enrollment and the time of day you enrolled. See your options below.

  • If you chose to start your service today and you signed up before 2 pm, your power will most likely be turned on the same day.
  • If you chose to start your service today and you signed up after 2 pm, your power may not be turned on until tomorrow. Make sure to call us before 5 pm at (844) 361-2080 if you need us to process a priority service request.
  • If you chose to start your service any date other than today, your power may be turned on between 8 am and midnight on your chosen day.
  • If you selected the option to have your service start anytime within the next seven business days, it will be turned on as soon as possible. It doesn’t typically take more than two days.

Call your local TDU which is the company which owns the meters, wires and poles. You can locate the outage reporting number or other contact number for the TDU in your area in a number of places, including on our Support page, your Terms of Service Agreement, and on your bill.

Other than a power outage, your electricity is usually only disconnected if you have an outstanding balance. However, if we need to disconnect your power due to non-payment, we always issue a disconnection notice at least 10 days beforehand. Once you have paid your account balance in full—if your service is disconnected for non-payment—we’ll send a request to your TDU for power to be restored to your residence once we receive payment in full of the outstanding disconnection balance.


  • Are you moving within Texas? If you’re staying within our service area, you can transfer your service to your new residence. Log in to your account, click Manage My Service, and select Transfer My Service. You can also call us at (844) 361-2080.
  • Just not feeling it? While we hate to see you go, you can call us at (844) 361-2080  Mon - Fri, 9 am - 6 pm Central Time.

The Express Energy charge component of your rate will never change for the duration of your fixed rate plan. However, your local TDU reserves the right to adjust its charges which are passed through to you without markup. Also changes in laws or regulations that impose new or modified costs beyond our control could change your price. Such changes directly impact your average price per kilowatt hour. Full details can be found in your TOSA and EFL.

A fixed-rate plan is a retail electric plan with a term of at least 3 months for which the price for each billing period of the contract term is the same throughout the contract term except for certain changes in TDU charges or laws that impose new or modified costs beyond our control. The details of your plan are broken out on your EFL.

A fixed rate plan must have a term of at least 3 months and the price is fixed for the duration of the plan except for changes in TDU charges or certain laws mentioned above.
A variable rate can fluctuate from month to month with no minimum term requirement (check your EFL for more information).

Our green plans offer 100% renewable energy, whereas our standard plans offer 11%.

Yes. You can upgrade your current plan to a green plan at any time for $6.95 a month. Simply log in to your account and edit your Additional Settings.

A TDU—or Transmission and Distribution Utility—is the local utility company that owns and manages the poles, wires and meters that carry the power to your house. When you have a power outage, this is the company that you call to make a report. Find a list of TDUs here.

A REP—or Retail Electric Provider—sells you electricity. Express is a REP and we believe we’re the best REP in the state of Texas. We are ready to provide you with electricity plans with low prices and exceptional customer service.

Your TOSA—or Terms of Service Agreement—provides information regarding your service withExpress Energy. This document—as well as the YRAC, EFL and enrollment documentation—comprise our contract with you. In the TOSA you’ll find terms and conditions about your electricity product, including contact information for Express and all area TDUs, Express product types, fees, and information on deposits and contract termination.

Your EFL—or Electricity Facts Label—outlines valuable details specific to your service plan, including your rate, term, renewable content, certain fees, and more.

The YRAC—or Your Rights as a Customer document—covers rules that were adopted by the Public Utility Commission to protect, you, the consumer. Among many things it addresses billing issues, meter reading and testing, complaint resolution, and your privacy rights.

They can be found in your welcome email from us, when you log in to your account under Manage My Services, or in the Express Energy Mobile App on the home dashboard.

Lucky for you, Texas law allows most Texas consumers to pick their own retail electric provider and electricity plan. In doing so, it creates a more competitive market, which in turn, gives consumers more choices, lower rates, and better service. Texas is one of only a handful of states that allows consumers the ability to choose their electricity service provider.
However, San Antonio, Austin and a few other areas throughout the state are in a closed market and must obtain service from a monopoly provider.

Smart meters—also called advanced meters—provide detailed information on your energy usage throughout the day and can be read remotely. Your TDU owns and maintains smart meters.

Renewable energy is generated from natural resources, such as wind and solar energy. At Express Energy, you can either select one of our existing green plans or upgrade any plan to green energy for $6.95 a month.

We take your privacy seriously, and we recognize our responsibility to protect the confidentiality of your information. To learn more, our complete privacy policy can be viewed here.